Reading Agile Software Development

About the book Agile Software Development by Alistair Cockburn

Since I started to read this book, there is no person which I talk to that I don’t invite to read it. It’s true that seems as a computer specialist book, but you can read it skipping the occasional technical details and I’m sure you’ll discover, as I did, that this book is plenty of knowledge about human beings, about creating and improving collaboration among human beings.

Being agile is being a productive team, that means, a team that communicates between each other and beyond the boundaries of that team: clients, sponsors, contractors, retailers; a team that delivers work, this can be a software or a book or even a service; a team that reflects on its own, how are they communicating, what can they do to make it better, what they don’t like, what they want to prove; a team that can react quickly to plan changes, maybe the market conditions are not the same as were at the beginning, maybe the sponsor has discovered a new priority.

Cockburn is a specialist on leading software development teams, and this is a skill not necessarily technical, but about human beings; how we learn, how we collaborate with each other, how we can improve our skills, and the most important: how we can communicate. This book is about communication; drives you through the concepts that motivates the Agile movement to a framework for creating methodologies that can be adapted to almost any team in any field, just translate to your own activity the words about software development.


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